Social Media Strategy and LinkedIn Management for Leadership Recruitment & Talent Development Specialist

The Client 

is a Leadership Recruitment & Talent Development Specialist, working with organisations to help them find, attract, assess and develop management and leadership capability through strengths-based assessment, development and recruitment. Loxley were approached to help the Managing Director develop a strategy to evaluate whether they should invest time and energy into developing their digital marketing plan.

The Strategy

The strategy package focused on evaluating ideal customer types, drawing up personas based on sample influencers and decision makers, the current and future routes to market, the company brand and overall business objectives. From this starting point, we evaluated existing and potential channels and discussed the content types and topics which might resonate with the target users, suit the potential channels and be within time and resource budget. The client was given a report with an actionable plan.

The Results

We were delighted to be approached and asked to deliver strategic social media management for LinkedIn. Over three months, follower numbers increased by 280% with a significant increase in impressions and page views. Although anecdotal, the MD reported that a contact had ‘had her memory jogged’ by the increased profile and contacted her with regards to a piece of new business, which has since been won.

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