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We have a range of packages designed to help you grow, ifyou need something more bespoke get in touch

Social Media Advertising

If you want to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising to reach your potential customers where they're already hanging out, we can help!

Our managed advertising service covers the following...

  • Advertising strategy
  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Creating effective social media ads
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Reporting, analytics, and analysis

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£600 per month


Our Strategy package is for businesses who need help getting started on social media. Everyone else is doing, so you should be, right? Loxley Business specialises in B2B services so we know that talking to your potential (and existing!) clients is different to trying to sell a pair of shoes on Facebook! Our package is a half day one to one session to take a deep dive into what your business is all about, your customers and products, what you’re trying to achieve with marketing and social media in general followed by a comprehensive report which will give you some real actionable tips (with a dash of adventure added in)

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Quick Start

If you’re already part of the way there with your social media strategy, you know where your customers are online but you just need some help getting your social network accounts up and running then we can provide support for this before you take it back in house. Quick Start is a 4 week package, with full social media strategy, setting up tools (such as Twitter lists) and running for 3 weeks before handing back to you…

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Social Media Outsourcing

You don’t have time for social media! Business is busy and you need your time and your team focused on what you do best and what makes you money than running your social media accounts. Loxley will run your social media channels as a trusted partner and an invisible extension of your business, growing your online presence. You’ll get dedicated support each month with your own Account Manager or Account Director.

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You’ve been running your social media channels for a while but want to know what could be improved. Your business might have changed, or perhaps it’s not been achieving what you wanted it to, or maybe you’d just like a set of fresh, experienced eyes to sense check what you’ve been doing.

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