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About Loxley

Do you struggle with knowing how to sending the right message, to the right people at the right time in a fast changing digital world?

Do you need an online ads specialist who can put your ideas into practice.

That means knowing how much budget is required for paid social - and where to put it. You have to identify the size of your audience on the platform you are targeting. And you need to find the buyers. It’s not enough to get in front of people with an interest, you want your ads shown to people who can purchase the product or service you are marketing for your client.

We are online advertising experts who know how to reach niche audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We create highly targeted campaigns, focus on the data, and think like your customer.

We help businesses grow by finding and connecting them with their customers online by combining a killer strategy with effective social ads.

No product is too big, too rare, or too complicated. If you have a clear ICA, we can map audiences to find your buyers, whether they are individual customers or decision-makers within an organisation. We build awareness, communities, and generate leads. We love putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

They say the numbers never lie. Whether we are working through the costing of an ad campaign, looking at audiences, or analysing the metrics, we focus on getting results.

We will tell you what investment is needed to get the outcome you are looking for. And we can come up with solutions that make the most of your budget. We’re adventurous and innovative. We look at all the options available to you and are confident to try new approaches, experience different things, appreciate other perspectives. The outcomes are often truly eye-opening.

We also LOVE working with agencies!

If you're an agency preparing for a pitch, or have a client on board, we are your invisible team helping you secure your objective and a happy customer.


Founded in 2015 by Clare Williams and joined in 2020 by Helen Bainbridge, Loxley are experienced sales and marketing specialists, working in a ‘mosaic’ way on projects.


Why us?

We’re not just experienced, we’re professionally trained, and as a team of specialists are able to keep up to date with the latest changes in paid social (we know A LOT about iOS14 ????‍♀️) The changes in the social media market place mean that social advertising is coming into play more and more and we know how to make those campaigns work for your business.

We're proud to work flexibly which means that we can tailor packages to what you really need- not just what skills are available at specific times. We also partner with trusted web development and branding partners.

One of our key principles is that even when we extend the team, we all operate at a similar level - there are no ‘senior’ or ‘junior’ roles. Our business model works having volume of clients like ‘you’ so we’re happy to take on large long- term projects but also welcome the small ones, which are managed in the same way.


Need more support? Just give us a call on 07931 295 126